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Have You Moved to Automation Yet?

At CMS we have invested in automated machines that increase our efficiencies and reduce set up costs which allow us to price competitively for our customers. With the state-of-the-art equipment, our depth of knowledge and expertise, and our skilled craftsmen, we provide each customer with superior engineering support and consistent high-quality products and services.

Here we turn a 2 hour setup into a 2 minute setup using our Amada ATC Brake with automated setup and teardown. We also use the Amada Fiber Laser with bulk tank for lights our processing.

CMS has established high-performance standards, and procedures to meet your business requirements, as well as identify and implement improvements to increase efficiency, resulting in a better customer experience. We maintain the highest levels of quality in the parts we manufacture, in our equipment, in our plant, and among our workers.

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