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CMS has the precision sheet metal fabrication equipment necessary to offer a full range of fabrication capabilities. We strive to offer the best combination of machinery, automation, software, and manufacturing expertise in the Silicon Valley.


Design and Engineering

Our experienced manufacturing engineering staff is here to work closely with you to fabricate the best product possible. Whether this means designing something from scratch, providing feedback for a potential prototype, re-engineering an existing product, or even simply selecting a material, we can help. Our goal is to provide your projects with functionality and cost-effectiveness. With the latest engineering software available (Solidworks, Pro-E Wildfire 5.0), the possibilities are limitless.

Files Formats Accepted: PDF, Pro-E, Solidworks, Inventor, IGES, STEP, DXF, DWG


Laser Cutting

Cutting sheet metal is one of our core competencies. Our precision and attention to detail ensure we can meet all your specifications to provide the best metal parts the job. Whether your project is made out of light-gauge aluminum sheet, heavy plate or tube steel, CMS has the tool to cut your part to whatever level of precision the job requires.



At CMS our CNC Punching automation brings precision-manufacturing to all of your products. Our biggest clients, including ones from the automotive and medical and high tech sectors, rely on CMS to meet very tight tolerances and consistent quality for every metal-punched product we ship. With the precision of the CNC metal punch, CMS can expertly mass-produce custom sheet metal forms and parts.




Our forming and fabricating techniques ensure you get the best quality metal products. From angled bends to roll radii, we have the skill set to perform these features with high accuracy and repeatability. No matter the sophistication level required, CMS is well-positioned to form and fabricate to your specifications.



From spot welding to arc welding, our team of experts utilizes sophisticated equipment to create precision solutions for even the most complex requirements. We weld a variety of materials, including light-gage aluminum, stainless steel heavy plate, or tube steel, with consistency and a high-quality finish



Painting and Finishing

With in-house powder coating and partnered wet paint and plating/coating vendors, we offer the flexibility to accommodate an extensive variety of custom and production finishes. Metal products finishing is part of our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our attention to the cosmetics of your finished products is one the capabilities that set us apart from other sheet metal fabricators. We turn out products with high-quality levels for paint and finish. Many of your projects have been carefully designed and specified by industrial designers and we strive to make sure their vision is realized to the highest possible measure. 


CMS prides itself on the superior cosmetics on our finished products.

















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