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Here at Creative Manufacturing Solutions, giving back to the community is one of our deepest core values.
Read the stories of the changes we have made in the community. 


November 13, 2019

CMS in partnership with the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce and Morgan Hill Unified School District are excited to partner for Morgan Hill's participation in the National Job Shadowing Day. 

Job shadowing enables students to time working one-on-one with our employees to gain a better understanding of careers in manufacturing, our workplace environment. Job shadowing is an important part of a multi-year program that helps students learn about potential career opportunities and make better-informed decisions about the education and training required to attain their career goals.

A typical job shadowing day at CMS includes:
● Introductions/welcome/overview of industry and organization
● Workplace tour
● Individual or small group shadowing time (including an informational interview)
● Wrap-up/reflections meeting


You can learn more about this national effort from:


HIGH-PRECISION Angel Gonzales (right) shows a group from Ann Sobrato High School a piece of aluminum that was punched to specification during a tour of Creative Manufacturing Solutions Photo: Erik Chalhoub


by Jan Janes on Jul 12, 2019
Gavilan College Contract and Community Education programs expanded to include a new welding center in Morgan Hill at Ann Sobrato High School.

Responding to local needs, CMS partnered with the Morgan Hill Rotary Club, Gavilan College and the Morgan Hill Unified School District, to launch a Welding Center at Ann Sobrato High School in Morgan Hill.

“We need more people in the trades,” said
Tim Herlihy, President of Creative Manufacturing Solutions (CMS), an ISO 9001 certified business in Morgan Hill. He noted the high wages, expanding job opportunities and an aging employee base as key to establishing the center.

“Sobrato had the empty facility, CMS offered to teach the class,” said Sweeney. “Gavilan College developed the curriculum and the Rotary Club Morgan Hill contributed donations in funding and facility clean up.” The partnership plans to develop additional curriculum and raise funds for additional equipment.

The existing welding instructional area on Sobrato’s campus was cleaned and organized in June and additional equipment was purchased. The first eight-week beginning class launched with a range of students learning how to weld and how to read blueprints and symbols. Taught by CMS weld manager Mario Flores, he leaves his job early on class days and preps for each lesson.

“Think of the trades today as high-tech tinkering in your dad’s garage,” said Herlihy. Manufacturing companies are building advanced medical devices, laser eye surgery machines, and equipment in the semiconductor, biotech, aerospace and automotive industries.

“Kids think they want to work for a big tech company,” he said. But when students are shown behind the scenes how drones, phones and cars like a Tesla are made, it piques their interest. Herlihy also cites youth interest in robotics, specifically the First Robotics Challenge.

Attending this first class is Nick Parrish, who lives in Spokane, Washington. He was learning some of the trade at the local union, and his dad was a welder. “My mom, who lives in Hollister, found this program through Gavilan,” he said. He enjoys the instructor and wants to build the skillset to get a good paying job. “I love to weld and really like the teacher.” His future goals include underwater welding.

Morgan Hill resident Jill Kunishige pulled the recent brochure of summer classes out of her mailbox and started leafing through it. “I never do this, look at this,” she said. But there was the listing for the welding class. “I thought to show it to my son, but realized I was the one interested in it, so here I am.” Her son thinks it’s cool she is taking the class. The family owns land, and welding is a skill Kunishige can put to good use to fix tools and do repairs around their property.

Future classes are planned, including advanced welding, electrical, plumbing and tiling. Click here for the current Community Education 2019 Summer Classes. To discuss new classes, email Susan Sweeney or call 408-229-4206.


A young welder mastering his trade at CMS

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