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CMS and One Block

CMS is now offering Mechanical Engineering, Product Design and Industrial Design through our new partners at One Block Studio. One Block studio focuses on the design, engineering, invention, funding, incubation and manufacturing of the next great products and ideas. They provide clarity, design process, momentum market insight and the funding to launch. Some of their prior clients include Fitbit, Leapfrog, Google, Intel, HP, August, Mattel, Amazon, Corsair, Wham-O, Hasbro, Paypal and Logitech.

One Block is led by John Caldwell, an experienced product development leader that has build a career on inventing, designing, and engineering award winning products for the Consumer Electronics and Toy industries. In 2014 John helped launch Spanner Product Development, a Silicon-Valley studio specializing in exquisitely crafted consumer products. In 2021 John left Spanner to start One Block and partner with CMS to provide turnkey engineering and design services.

Have a project you need help building? Reach out to us at and we'll help you bring it to life.

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